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Omnirax - Studio, Technical & Broadcast Furniture - Video

Omnirax Video Studio Furniture is both elegant and ergonomic. Whatever your choice, either expansive or compact, these versatile workstations are ideal for Video editing and production, forensic video & CSI applications, security, surveillance, monitoring traffic, dispatch, 911/emergency calls, or other communication center needs.

Our signature design concept - people friendly ergonomic furniture with a unique and innovative blend of style, function and solid construction - has established Omnirax as the nationally recognized premier line of music Studio Furniture made in the USA today.

Our philosophy is simple: build a high quality product at a price people can afford, provide unsurpassed client care and back it up with 100% Guaranteed Client Satisfaction.

The Force Series is an elegant, expansive and ergonomic group of workstations ideal for video audio editing, monitoring traffic, forensic video & CSI applications, security, surveillance, handling dispatch, 911/emergency calls, or other communication center production needs.

The classic ProStation Series comprises four multi-purpose workstations designed to create the perfect environment for a multitude of V/A applications.

The Aveon provides an elegant, ergonomic and functional workstation solution for your video / audio needs.

Our multimedia Edit Suites are designed to provide an elegant, ergonomic workspace for the video and digital content professional. These versatile editing environments are equally suited for post production editing suites, corporate video production rooms, campus learning labs, and broadcast production facilities, as well as for any dispatch, monitoring or communication center application.

Our multi-functional assortment of Compact Workstations is designed to meet a variety of needs in a space-saving, ergonomic and economical fashion. With the ascent of computer based environments, we developed a selection of products that could fit in small spaces yet still support computer monitors, keyboard and in some instances a small amount of rack gear. Models in this range include the Presto, Presto4 Nova & Quark.

Racks, racks & more racks.

Our expanding collection of optional accessories for your Omnirax workstation environment has been carefully chosen to enhance the comfort, convenience and effectiveness of your creative/work experience.

If one of our production models is not quite right for your specific application, Omnirax can make it right!

Many projects that appear to be custom in nature simply require minor modifications to our existing product line. We call these projects "Semi-Custom."

We routinely perform "Semi-Custom" modifications to all existing models for a modest charge. Very often these slight alterations are all that is needed to create a personalized studio environment that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

In addition to our "Semi-Custom" service, Omnirax has full Custom capability, from design to production. We recognize that novel applications are always arising. Years of experience have enhanced our capacity to tackle complex custom projects with in-house consultation, design, and fabrication to exact specifications. We are custom specialists and invite your inquiries. We are eager to work with you.

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